Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Prime Time TV Show Shot Entirely on a DSLR

Sorry for the late notice, but I just found out about this docu-drama shot entirely on a Canon EOS Mark IV and 5D Mark II by filmmaker Khalid Mohtaseb.  It airs tonight, Tuesday, September 14 on ABC at 10pm Pacific Time. Check out some behind the scenes photos and screen grabs here :

At just 25 years old, Khalid Mohtaseb is a young, extremely talented filmmaker as you'll see in the clip below that he shot of the Haiti earthquake aftermath with a 5D.

“A week after the devastating earthquake hit Haiti, I was hired to shoot ENG footage for two international networks. This is a montage of personal footage I shot of the aftermath during my spare time, in and around Port au Prince.” 

“Almost all the images and videos coming out of Haiti had become all too familiar and I knew that was not how I wanted to capture a story of this significance. The idea that life goes on even in the most horrific state of despair was fascinating to me and getting that concept across was my main goal in shooting this montage. I wanted to focus on the Haitian people and the lives that had been affected by this devastating earthquake as well as showcase how modern technology can revolutionize journalism and the way news coverage is shot.”

Haiti Earthquake Aftermath Montage from Khalid Mohtaseb on Vimeo.

If you missed the airing of Final Witness, you can view it here.

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  1. Hi Micheal thanks for the information and pics about Khalid Mohtaseb its very fascinating and i like your post.