Tuesday, September 7, 2010

New Firmware Update for the GoPro HD Hero

GoPro, the Half Moon Bay, CA company that produces the tiny, GoPro Hero 1080p HD video camera just announced a firmware update with some great new features. My favorite among them is the One Button Mode. Now when you turn the camera on, it will start recording right away. No chance of messing up any of the settings with an inadvertent push of a button.

The other feature I'm excited about is Live Feed Out. To keep the size of the GoPro at a minimum. the designers left out a viewfinder or LCD screen so there was no way to accurately set up your shot. Now, you can attach an external monitor to the GoPro. This of course means that you'll probably want to buy their HD Skeleton Housing since the current mounting case does not have cutouts for the cables. Haven't had a chance to try this out yet as I'm waiting for the HD Skeleton Housing which is not available yet. But when it is, I'll attach it all to my Marshall field monitor and let you know how it works out on location. 

Another nice feature is the Live Feed Out Display which will show you you battery life and recording status when your GoPro is hooked up to a live feed field monitor.

The other two features of this firmware are the Upside Down Mode which will help if you need to mount your GoPro upside down,  eliminating having to rotate the files later.

And finally, new PAL 25/50p support. Helpful if you are recording for broadcast in most countries outside the US.

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