Friday, September 10, 2010

HDR...Now in Video!

A San Francisco production company has come up with a unique way to shoot video using 2 Canon EOS 5D Mark II DSLRs.

Soviet Montage Productions is using the High Dynamic Range (HDR) process with the 2 cameras, capturing video of the same subject with a beam splitter. The cameras are configured to record two different exposure values, one over exposed, the other under exposed. After the footage has been recorded, they combine the two clips into one, resulting in an unique and interesting video. 

HDR imaging is an effect achieved by taking variable exposures of a single subject and combining them to create an image with a higher exposure range. It is an increasingly popular technique for still photography, so much so that it is now a native application on Apple’s iPhone. Until now, however, the technique was too intensive and complex for motion. Soviet Montage Productions believes they have solved the issue with a method that produces stunning and affordable HDR for film and video.

“I believe HDR will give filmmakers greater flexibility not only in the effects they can create but also in the environments they can shoot in” said Alaric Cole, one of the members of the production team, “undoubtedly, it will become a commonplace technique in the near future. ”

Check out their video and see for yourself.

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