Monday, December 27, 2010

A Life in Shadow

A self portrait by Vivian Maier
The Chicago families who hired Vivian Maier as a nanny knew her as a kind but eccentric woman who always guarded her privacy. Maier was a loner it seems, all of her life. Few knew of her incredible talent as a street photographer who documented the world around her with her Rolleiflex in the mid 20th century.

A chance discovery after her death by a young Chicago real estate agent named John Maloof has changed all of that. Maloof went on a mission to spotlight Maier's secret talent as a photographer which has led to a growing appreciation of her vast work.

All photos by Vivian Maier from the collection of John Maloof

Click here to see more of Vivian Maier's amazing photos and a blog Maloof has posted on his project.

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