Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A Presidential Visit

President Obama is in the bay area for a few days and I thought I'd share a quick glimpse at what that means to the bay area media.

At the SF Chronicle, whenever there was a presidential visit, we'd have nearly the entire photo staff covering his every move. It was called unfortunately the "Death Watch". A gruesome name for a not so fun job. Even though many of the images would not be published, we had to be there whenever the President was out in the public. From the moment Air Force One arrived at the North Field of San Francisco International Airport to when it left, we had a photographer there.

On a personal note…nothing is worse for a photog than to have to arrive somewhere hours before the President's arrival, sometimes in the pouring rain or bitter cold to set up a position and wait for his arrival - all this knowing that the photos you take will not be published. I know…I had to do it many times and I hated it! But, we had to do it. We were witnesses to history. We had to be there.

Photos by Michael Maloney/ SF Chronicle

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