Friday, May 14, 2010

FOX Drama Series 'House' Airs Monday - Filmed Entirely with the Canon 5D Mark II

The Canon 5D Mark II has become the first video-capable DSLR to film an entire episode of a US primetime series.

Greg Yaitanes, director of FOX broadcasting company's medical drama series 'House', used the camera, and a selection of Canon's prime lenses and the 24-70mm and 70-200mm lenses to shoot its season finale airing Monday, May 17. Yaitanes said that he chose the 5D to achieve a shallow depth of field and a "richer look". He also said he "feels it’s the future".

In upcoming posts, I'll be touching on how the video DSLR has gone mainstream. George Lucas, Ron Howard, Robert Rodriguez and many others are discovering the aesthetic and even practical advantages of using the Canon 5D Mark II for their film projects.

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