Thursday, October 15, 2009

Leica Day, and what a day it was...

On the 13th of October 2009 Camera West, Walnut Creek, California, was proud and honored to have a very special demonstration of the latest cameras from German camera manufacturer Leica. With the release of the M9 and coming soon the X1 and S2, Leica has indeed been productive. Both the Leica rep and the Leica factory Product Specialist, were on hand to answer any questions as well as show off the features of these three cameras. 
I was given the chance to have a hands on experience and I must say this is a fairly impressive array of very capable cameras. They all serve a different purpose, but they do all share common traits of exceptional build, processing and image quality. You can read a thousand reviews of the specifics of each of these cameras online but when it all boils down these are all wonderful and very unique cameras of which only Leica is capable of making.

I love the weight and feel of the S2. Its quick and quiet and feels very reliable with an easy menu set up on the rear LCD display. The design is simple, yet well thought out. The dials and controls all are well placed without any nonsensical icons or images to "help" with navigation.
The X1 was also a lot of fun to shoot and it finally helped me to understand the reason and advantage of shooting with single focal length lens on the camera. There is no need for anything else. Its shoots fast (f/2.8) and clear. If you want more focal length range then step up to the M9. This is a great little pull out and shoot camera, which works with your creative side while still producing exceptional Leica imaging. 
I can't say too much about the M9 that has not already been said.  I will say that I believe the introduction of this full frame rangefinder camera Leica have definitely upped the ante in terms of what is offered in the digital camera market. Watch this space as I believe this will definitely be the the start of a new direction for digital cameras.  

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