Thursday, October 15, 2009

Leica Systems Preview, Monterey

October 12th 2009. Our Leica Systems Preview was very successful, with a good turnout and a wealth of new information. The new systems were presented by Leica’s own Northern California Leica Representative Thomas Brichta, and U.S. Product Specialist Justin Stailey from New Jersey. Our Leica day was off to tremendous start around Noon with the presentation of the prototype Leica X1 straight from Germany. Accompanying the X1 in the line of demo units was the all new S2, and a pair of M9s in Steel Grey and Black Paint finishes. From Noon to six our customers and staff had some real hands-on time and questions answered on the new products.

At 6:30 we headed over to Montrio Bistro, a world class restaurant with our good friend and Executive Chef, Tony Baker. To start off we had another showing of the systems and general discussion with both Tom and Justin, while enjoying some of Montrio’s fine appetizers. Justin had brought a Leica Prodovit D-1200 projector for his formal presentation of the new Leica systems. The presentation started with an in-depth technology review of the M9 camera and Leica’s pixel filling micro-lens technology, followed by the X1 and S2 presentations. Wrapping up the evening, we reviewed Images produced from all three systems. By far the most intriguing system of the event was the S2. The files from the camera were nothing I have ever seen from a digital camera!

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