Saturday, February 4, 2012

SF at Night Photo Contest Winners

Photo by John Krzesinski

Congratulations to John Krzesinski whose image above titled 'Upon a Sea of Gold' won 1st place and a $25. gift certificate from Camera West.

It was a fine job of seeing not only the obvious - in this case the Golden Gate Bridge which we were all photographing - but the details. We love how John was able to see this bird below the bridge and make a strong graphic image with the bird and the stumps silhouetted in the golden glow of the iconic bridge.

Dan, Hal, Robert, Tina and Michael of the Camera West Walnut Creek staff judged a great collection of photos from the night photography workshop we held in San Francisco a few weeks ago. We asked the participants to submit their 5 favorite photos from the evening for this contest. To see all the photos submitted, go to the Camera West Flickr site. Meanwhile, check out the honorable mentions below.

Photo by Gary Wincott

Photo by Stevan Cavalier

Photo by John Krzesinski

Photo by Ming Maa

Photo by John Krzesinski

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  1. Wow - not only the inning shot, but two honorable mentions! Thanks Guys. There was some stiff competition. In particular I thought Ming and Gary had some cracking images. The best thing about the competition though wasn't the fact that it was a competition, but that it allowed me to see what others were seeing as we visited the four shooting locations. It was a thoroughly enjoyable night and I'd love to attend more such events!

    As to the winning shot... My first love is nature photography. If I'm shooting a scene I'll always try and include some nature if I can - for example, rather than "just a sunset", I'll try and catch a bird in the sky, or rather than "just a shot of the Blue Angels over the Bay", I'll try and catch a gull or pelican in the frame too. Of course the opportunity doesn't always present itself, but look for it and you'll see it happen more often than you'd think! So here we were all shooting the bridge - a beautiful sight and that location was awesome for some "bridge on golden water" shots, but this bird on the posts kept grabbing my attention. I got a shot or two of the bridge with the bird in it too, but the visual of the posts (and their shadow) with the silhouette of the bird was too strong for me to not wind the zoom up on my 28-300mm lens and see it "up close".

    Thank you everyone involved in this event!