Saturday, January 7, 2012

CF, SD and Now XQD

Sony has become the first company to offer a range memory cards in the XQD format. XQD was recently announced by the Compact Flash Association, allowing write speeds of 125MB/sec and faster. When used in the new Nikon D4, (currently the only camera supporting the format), the cards can record up to around 100 frames in RAW format in continuous shooting mode without any buffer issues.

The new Sony products are planned to be available in February and are estimated to sell at the following retail prices:
QD-H16 card, 16 GB, $129.99
QD-H32 card, 32 GB, $229.99
   Card Reader, MRW-E80, $44.99
 ExpressCard Adapter, QDA-EX1, $44.99

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