Monday, November 28, 2011

Social Media & A Muddy Camera

Markus Thompson was scuba diving recently in the waters of Deep Bay just outside of Vancouver when he discovered a Canon EOS Rebel XS half buried in the mud. Thompson retrieved the camera and the enclosed SD card. After a thorough cleaning and drying, Thompson found that he could recover the images, which revealed the camera had been sitting in the water for over a year.

And here's the beauty of social media.

Thompson posted to Google+, the story of the found camera with a few identifying details he was able to dig up from the photos. Within a day, he was able to track down and contact the owner, a firefighter in British Columbia. Just one day and camera and owner were reunited. Of course the camera is now just a paper weight - but one with a great story behind it.

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  1. What about the rest of the story? How and where was the camera lost? Did it wash down a river or just go over the side of a boat?