Friday, September 16, 2011

Photo-Chopping Nature

An award-winning Swedish nature photographer has admitted doctoring some photos, authorities say. A photo of a rare lynx by Terje Helleso came into question when Gunnar Gloerson, a conservationist for the Swedish Association for Hunting and Wildlife Management, examined the photo. His suspicions were raised when the winter coat on the lynx did not match the July greenery. Gloerson also questioned claims by Helleso that the photographer has seen 150 lynx in nine months, when Gloersen had only seen 15 in 52 years of wildlife study.

On Saturday, Helleso admitted to the photo manipulations.The Swedish Environmental Protection Agency, which named Helleso its nature photographer of the year in 2010, said it would review whether Helleso would be allowed to retain his title.

By the way — when Helleso received his award in May of this year, he stated, "We nature photographers should never forget the responsibility we have with our images, from both a documentary and artistic perspective."

Helleso stole this image...

...and placed it in this award winning image

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