Friday, August 6, 2010

M9 Firmware 1.138 available for download

New M9 Firmware
Version 1.138

1. Camera Performance:
• Improved compatibility of SDHC cards. Nevertheless, we recommend our customers the “Extreme
III” cards from the leading brand “SanDisk”.
• Improved Auto White Balance in conditions with power saving lamps and tungsten light.

Notice: The choice of SD and SDHC cards in the market is already very big and is constantly growing. Therefore, Leica Camera AG is not able to do comprehensive compatibility- and quality testing with all available
cards in the market. We recommend leading brands such as “SanDisk”. Using other card types, will not
damage camera or card, but as especially “no name” cards do not respect the full SD or SDHC standards,
Leica Camera AG cannot warranty full function with those cards.

2. Bug fixes:
• Saving user profiles has been improved (changing from one profile to another did sometimes
cause problems)
• Time display in “American” format corrected.
• Auto power off bug fixed (camera did turn off automatically while using the Play Mode or scrolling
through the menu).

Download Here

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