Saturday, January 9, 2010

Canon @ CES

Canon has announced four new products this past week at CES in Las Vegas of which include a new lens and a trio of wireless transmitters. The new EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS II is an improvement upon an already outstanding lens with faster focusing, closer focusing, better image stabilization allowing up to 4 stops of stabilization, a new fluorite lens and an additional UD element for further gains in image quality.

The three new transmitters are in essence the same just different models for different cameras. The “WFT-E2 II A” for the 1D Mark IV is scheduled for delivery sometime this quarter and both the “WFT-E5A” for the 7D and the “WFT-E4 II A” for the 5D Mark II are shipping now. These enable you to use your camera wirelessly with 802.11a/b/g, Ethernet, or Bluetooth connectivity, or actuate up to ten cameras across the room. Also, you can Geotag your images with compatible GPS enabled devices using a Bluetooth connection.

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